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The 21 Steps - How it all works

DM Marketing


Once you have applied, you will start your steps with MTTB, this stands for My Top Tier Business and forms one of many of the products you can later sell yourself. It is a 21 step training system that will teach you how to make money online and also license high converting done for you products & sales funnels. The licensed products are worth $1250 upwards in commissions to you. These 21 steps are designed for you to fully learn the business and how you can leverage it to make high end commissions essentially building your own profitable business. These 21 steps also work for any business, you can take what you learn from this and apply it to a current business you may have.

The training is presented beautifully in your own back end office where you can easily access and view all the training videos, each of the video steps ranges from 10 minutes up to 60 minutes or more depending on how you view and take notes. In each step there will be side assignments which you must complete these help you further to understand the business.


Personal Coaching

As well as me, Damian Mooruth, as a personal point of contact i will also be putting you in touch with a six figure earner in this business! Yes that's right you will be in direct contact with this successful earner who has actually been through the steps just as you have. They will literally take your hand and walk you through it all and coach you to build your own business to be successful too. Remember these coaches usually charge at least $500 per hour! but you are getting this included in the 21 step program. You must call your coach once you complete every 2-3 steps to progress, they will lock the steps until you speak to them so this will enable them to answer any questions you have and also help create your business plan.


Damian Mooruth - MOBE



30 day Traffic Training - How to get the traffic that generates buyers/sales


So by this point you will have gone all thought the 21 step training and are fully educated on the business and you will be excited about your new business venture now all you need is the traffic to send to your business, you can go ahead and start advertising your business if you wish BUT both me and your coach will tell you its a big no no! Unless you are already skilled and know exactly how to drive good quality traffic then we don't advise you start just yet.

At the end of the 21 steps you are then given 30 day traffic generation training which comes with, once again, your own traffic coach to speak with as you move through the traffic training steps. This is all included in your MTTB application.

YOUR own sales team = very cool


When you have completed all your training above then all you need to do is send targeted traffic to the various products and sales funnels where your commissions range from $9 all the way up to $15,000 depending on what you promote. BUT.. this is where part of the done for you system takes over, it is setup to upsell people through the range of products, for example if someone buys the e-book for $9.95 then you get a $9 commission but then the MOBE team upsell the other products via E-mail, phone calls and slow trickle E-mail....meaning you NEVER have to do any selling yourself its all autopilot.

Having the MOBE sales staff follow up for you via the phone and sending letters is actually a very cool benefit that really stands out to anyone wanting to get started in this business.


Summery of the business model and what you get:

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So my friends sit back and relax because we take care of everything, all you need to be doing is driving the traffic, which you will have had full training on and you will be excited to start applying what you learn.



Take Action Get Started