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Amazing Events Around The Globe




Ok so once your are inside the project with Damian and Matt you will have the opportunity to attend super Live events, there will be local events to yourself but also amazing Mastermind events accross the globe, the mastermind events are our premium events for those who want to take their business and push it to the limits. We also hold local events which are free for you to attend which help you build and grow your business. I myself believe that live events and masterminds are an integral part of any business journey.

Below you will see a video of a Supercharge event we ran and testimonials of those that attended and also our 6 figure earners that spoke at the event.


We have many events that occur but our 6 main events are:

Events IM Freedom workshops Home Business Summit Supercharge Summit



Me and Matt hope to see you at an event soon, especially when you join the business and start seeing the huge potential...

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